English Speaking Bum

Tonight was just like most nights in Ukraine, but with a slight twist towards the end of it. Let me start by giving a little background to what is a “normal” weeknight for me in Ukraine. As my workday ends, San Bruno employees are arriving in the office (9:00 AM PST is 7:00 PM here), which means San Bruno-SoftServe meetings begin. My first meeting is generally at 7:00 PM followed by another at 7:30 PM, however sometimes I only have one meeting. The meetings generally last 30 minutes to 60 minutes with the occasional 90+ minute meeting.

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Walking Around — Somewhere

Today I went another walk. I’m not sure how far I walked, nor do I really know where I was within the city, but I suppose that makes it more exciting. During my little journey, I say little because I was only out and about for two hours or so, I walked through a bunch of areas that I had not seen yet. I found myself walking up some sort of hill and at the top were some pretty fancy looking places, but most had so many trees in front that I was unable to capture the moment, digitally. The others had so much security (by security I mean military/guards/big guns) I thought it would be best not to point a camera in their direction. Continue reading →

Uncut, Uncropped, Yet still MMMMMK

You asked for some photos, so here are some photos. Nothing impressive, but it’s something to stare at for awhile: “A quick photo adventure of the ‘center’

First Impressions of L’viv

Before I came to L’viv someone, who will remain anonymous, said this “I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to live or visit L’viv. It’s very expensive and there’s nothing to do.” Now this particular person had the right to say such a quote because he or she lived in L’viv most of his or her life. Now me being me, I remembered what he said, but really didn’t take it to heart. I’ve always preferred to have my opinion, and to form an opinion you need your own experiences. Continue reading →

Ukraine and Technology

Now this is an interesting blog title. You’re probably thinking, “Matt is about to tell us how far behind Ukraine is in technology.” Well, that’s not exactly the case in this blog. I’m here to tell you that Ukraine has taken technology and multiplied it by 20. The only problem is, they took the same technology and multiplied it by 20, rather than creating new or perhaps borrowing new technology. Continue reading →


So this morning (Friday) I went down to floor -1 (Yes, that is negative one), for my daily breakfast. This was my third day in L’viv and my third breakfast at the famous -1 restaurant. This morning was like every other morning, I wake up and hop on the computer to read some news and chat with a few people before everyone on the US side heads to bed. This morning however I got a little carried away and lost track of time. So I didn’t begin my breakfast adventure until 9:30 AM (breakfast ends at 10). Continue reading →

Working at SoftServe

Yesterday was my second day in L’viv and my first day working at SoftServe. I must say everyone here is very welcoming and ready assist to me in anything that I need. Mar’yan, one of the managers at SoftServe was nice enough to pick me up on the way to work, which isn’t really on his way because I’m staying in the heart of downtown L’viv where no one wants to drive. Continue reading →

Traveling to L’viv, Ukraine

Traveling to L’viv, Ukraine is a long, yet short trip to the other side of the World. It took about 13.5 hours from takeoff to landing (given I performed the correct time shifts). 13.5 hours seems like a long time, but I really only spent 12 hours in an actual plane. I had a 1.5 hour layover, that was supposed to be 55 minutes (guess I got lucky with an extra 30 minute standing break).

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