Ukraine and Technology

Now this is an interesting blog title. You’re probably thinking, “Matt is about to tell us how far behind Ukraine is in technology.” Well, that’s not exactly the case in this blog. I’m here to tell you that Ukraine has taken technology and multiplied it by 20. The only problem is, they took the same technology and multiplied it by 20, rather than creating new or perhaps borrowing new technology.

As any visitor will notice (well perhaps any person who is actually paying attention), Ukraine has selected some really important technology. The problem is, they have selected technology and then implemented it every 20 meters (I say meters because I’m in Ukraine, if I were in the US I would say yards). For example, ATM’s are pretty important. Without ATM’s people would wait in ridiculous lines to obtain cash.

So Ukraine, in this case I’m only talking about L’viv, took the technology of ATM’s and put one… everywhere. Every other store has an ATM. In fact, some stores have two ATMs, just in case the first one had the wrong color. For example, say you were looking for a rainbow ATM but on the left was a green one. Never fear, there is a rainbow colored ATM on your right. Phew, you can still obtain cash from the machine with your favorite color.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Matt is just over exaggerating about this. There can’t possibly be that many ATMs.” Well there are, and here is a good example. When leaving the hotel I find an ATM in the lobby. I make a right looking for a cab on the way to work. There is an ATM just outside of the hotel. I get in the cab and head to work. The cab driver drops me off in front of the building and I walk up the steps. There is an ATM to the left of the door and an ATM to the right of the door. Within 10 minutes I have passed 4 ATMs from 4 different make shift banks. This isn’t including the ATMs I drove by, this is only including the ATMs I walked by. So if you walk by 4 ATMs from 4 different banks on the way to work, let me know (remember I only walked about 20 meters).

Another technology used in Ukraine… I mean over used, are cell phone stores. It’s important to have a store that sells cell phones because people need access to such an important technology. On the other hand, it becomes ridiculous when there is a cell phone store every 3rd store you see.

There are approximately 8, yes 8 cell phone stores on the block where my hotel is. Now you’re probably thinking again… so stop thinking. I’m saying 8 as in eight, as in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 cell phone stores on a single block. How can any of those 8 stores make any money? Well I’m not sure, but if you need a cell phone, I guarantee you will find it on this street because they have them all. And for those curious, every block has a cell phone store. They’re everywhere, just like those ATM machines, which you will find just outside of every cell phone store.

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#1 Mom on 01.22.08 at 5:00 am

With all those cell phone stores, I guess thats why Bob had such a difficult time finding jeans when his luggage didn’t make it with him the first time he was there. Sounds like he would have been better off showing up without his phone 🙂

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