Walking Around — Somewhere

Today I went another walk. I’m not sure how far I walked, nor do I really know where I was within the city, but I suppose that makes it more exciting. During my little journey, I say little because I was only out and about for two hours or so, I walked through a bunch of areas that I had not seen yet. I found myself walking up some sort of hill and at the top were some pretty fancy looking places, but most had so many trees in front that I was unable to capture the moment, digitally. The others had so much security (by security I mean military/guards/big guns) I thought it would be best not to point a camera in their direction.

I was, however, able to take a few photos and I have those uploaded and ready to view here. None of the photos have captions, I’ll add those at a later time, but I really don’t think captions are needed. The photos explain the area quite well. Some of the buildings look out of place and they are because they’re modern while 99% of the city is 200 years old. Some of the streets look really small, perhaps something you might call an alley. But don’t be fooled, these are not alleys, these are in fact streets. One lane wide, maybe 1.5 lanes wide with cars driving up and down them all day, everyday.

I also took a few shots of statues, but please don’t ask what they’re of because I have no idea. So just make an educated guess and then create a story to go behind it. Once that’s completed you can tell all your friends this fascinating fairy tale about how the man on the horse ran through town informing everyone of the new ice cream store.


#1 bobvanzant on 01.27.08 at 8:27 pm

I know the feeling of walking around. In Singapore I got lost, could see my hotel and still couldn’t get there because of the winding streets and dead ends. These buildings are incredible. The brick building with the circular staircase is amazing. Incredible craftsmanship.

Thanks for sharing.

#2 Mom on 01.28.08 at 4:33 am

Wonderfuly pictures Matt, not much color on those buildings, makes the 100-200 years old really show 🙂 but well taken care of. Incredible architecture. How about a picture of where you are staying?

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